About me

Marcelo Abraham

Tour Guide – Viennese Guide – National Parc Guide

I have moved to Vienna 28 years ago and adopted it as my home town. Born in Nueva Helvecia. Uruguay, I spent some time in Israel then after some stays in different European countries I decided to go to Vienna – as one of the reasons was that my grandfather is Viennese.

At the end of the 90ies I settled in tourism and after the formation to a tourist guide (Austrian Guide) and I had groups form all 5 continents. I offer my tours in German, Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew.

Later was trained as a national park advisor which enables me to offer historical and cultural impressions information about the Viennese flora and fauna:

  • Which trees blossom in the Prater?
  • Where do the freshwater turtles sunbath?
  • What implies the comeback of the beaver?