There is much to discover in Vienna’s museums

In the area of the Ringstraße important museums developed out of the royal collections. As an example the Museum of Art History, the Museum of Nature History, the Museum of Applied Arts or the royal library which contains among other things the heritage of Prince Eugen of Savoy.

To get impressions of the Jewish heritage of Vienna, it is worth to visit the Jewish Museum.

The Belvedere shelters a gothic collection and the worldwide greatest collection of Gustav Klimt. On the balcony of the palace Leopold Figl proclaimed the famous words „Austria is free!“.

Other museums with interesting exhibitions and collections are the Lichtenstein Museum, the Leopold Museum and the Hofmobilien Depot or the Museum of History of Austrian Army.

Special exhibitions are offered in the Coffee Museum, Madame Tussauds, in the House of Music and the Sigmund Freud Museum.

In the Coffee Museum you will discover the history of coffee and the tradition of coffee in Vienna. Up to 30 different coffee variations are offered in the Viennese coffee shops, example the Viennese Melange.